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Are you reading charts and want trade alerts?

Lot’s of websites showcase charts, but TradingView has an additional tool for getting alerts when the charts behave in specific ways.
If that sounds interesting to you, having an indicator can help confirm the trends you’re already seeing.  These alerts can be used to message you on-screen, through their TradingView app, AND out to external web-applications like 3Commas (Sign-up Link).

When Dan trades using his 3commas DCA-bot account, he uses an interesting indicator that alerts his bots on when to trigger both LONG and SHORT positions.    

Do you have a TradingView account? How about 3Commas?

Then you should request access to his TWD-VPV chart indicator. While this indicator is NOT financial advice, it's always great to have a second opinion on those trade ideas.

Free Indicator*

Add your information for 3 months of free access to the indicator for access to the TWD-VPV indicator.


Thanks for submitting!

*to use this indicator you will need a paid TradingView account and a 3Commas account. After 3 months of access, the indicator will be disabled for the TradingView account.

Looking to automate your trades
based on TradingView alert indicators?

Use the affiliate links to open a new account. By using these links, you're helping to support Dan and cover the costs of the channel, this website, and all the efforts of continuing to keep providing next level market analysis and insights.

Want to see it in action?  Watch this video, or continue to watch Trading With Dan for more information.



via Affiliate Link

You will need an active/paid TradingView account to send API alert calls to the 3Commas DCA Bot.

To learn more visit 3Commas FAQ page re. API access.



via Affiliate Link

To automate your trades; you'll also need an active/paid 3Commas account  that allows for DCA Bot trades.

Review the price plans and choose accordingly.

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