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Fascinated by all the technical aspects of trading, I’m at my best identifying global macro trends using my fully 'Bayesian' prediction model combined with an A/B tested position management strategy.

I have been a full-time trader since 2006 where I started at a London UK hedge fund. My analytical and mathematical skills are a core component to my trading style. Whilst I trade all asset classes, cryptocurrency has become an ever increasing part of my investment portfolio and is the asset class I most actively trade.


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You need the right tools for effective Technical Analysis. If you are using TradingView and want to use the same chart indicator tools, or are looking for like-minded market pros; hit the links below and join the vibrant chat.

The technical indicators and the great conversation in the group is well worth the click. There is a whole community of likes minded traders happy to help discuss all aspects of trading.


TWD-VPV Risk Range indicator

Tradingview is a great platform for market analysis and insights. I use their charts everyday in my research and videos.

If you’re using them for tracking your crypto or stocks, follow me on Tradingview and ask me about the TWDVPV Risk Rainge trading indicator.


The TWD community on Telegram

The TWD Telegram community is a 24/7 space where traders share insights, post their experiences, and gain valuable knowledge on the markets. We share our wins, and discuss trading strategies on most of the top coins and stocks.

Every trade analyst should have their community, and I’ve focused on building a cryptocurrency positive one.

Trade Tools

Disclaimers & Warnings

The content shared by Dan from Trading with Dan is for entertainment purposes and should not be and is not meant to be considered as trading or financial advice. Trading is very risky and you should always consult a registered financial advisor. 

Here are the links to some products and services that I actually use for my own personal trading. At TWD we have identified these sites and their respective services as having value for our trading community.





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